Tuesday, 30 July 2019

An inauspicious start

We have had a new prime minister for a matter of days. He has spouted his usual bluster and talked up the possibility of no deal. In a dramatic response, the pound plummeted so he talked down the possibility of no deal. The pound was unimpressed. Undaunted by the money markets, our premier had headed to Scotland to bolster the union, the union that his very policies threaten. Too vulnerable in a public place, his minders spirited him off to visit a nuclear base in a secluded loch guarded around the clock. He wandered bewildered around a boat housing a nuclear arsenal sufficient to kill millions. Ratings in the background looked equally bewildered at this intrusion into their secret world while much of the population of Scotland remains bewildered that we need this nuclear capability at all. Then it was off to Bute House where he was greeted, if that's the word, by noisy protesters and a distinctly frosty Nicola Sturgeon who wore a trace of a grimace. It didn't look to be going well. Unwilling to leave by the front door, he was spotted exiting, tail between his legs, via the back passage.

It doesn't augur well for our Minister of the Union.